Cancelations and Refunds

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The Xbox code that you sent me doesn’t seem to work!

In a few very rare cases, it is indeed possible that code validation on your console is considered invalid (Microsoft are aware of this problem). Don’t worry, because all you need to do is go to the Xbox 360 website and enter the code manually.

To redeem your code(s):

Defective Xbox Codes: Please contact us immediately if the code(s) you received appear to be already used when you redeem them. All codes have been validated before being entered into the database. Due to increasing frauds, we now ask our customers to contact Xbox Support to get information on when the code was redeemed. No refund or exchange will be issued if the customer fails to provide evidences showing the code was used before he/she made the purchase. Thank you for your understanding.
How to contact Xbox Support: Visit Choose “Xbox Live” as the product, and then “Prepaid Codes” as the category, then “Redeem Prepaid Codes” as the item. Scroll down and click “Chat with Microsoft Support”, fill in the details and start to chat. Or you may click “Request a call from Support” to have them call you.

Why is my coupon code not working?

Some coupons may require a minimum purchase amount or may be valid for a limited time only. Please check the terms of use associated with your coupon code (consult the promotional e-mail, website, or other point of issue) making sure the items in your cart fulfill any requirements associated with the coupon code. If you are still having problems please e-mail us for assistance.

I want to save money! Where can I get a coupon code?

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An error has occurred during the transaction. Please try again later.

We validated every single code before entering it into the database. The code should be a working one on all US accounts. Please try again later and see if it goes through.
If you keep getting this message, we suggest you to contact Xbox support for this problem. Sometimes when Xbox puts a limit on your live account or you have an issue with your billing info on file, you might get a message saying “An error has occurred during the transaction. Please try again later” when redeeming prepaid codes. But since we don’t have access to your account, we can’t tell what exactly the problem is. And if you contact Xbox, they may even be able to redeem the code for you on the spot.

Are you guys legit?

We have sold Xbox Live Gold Membership cards and Microsoft Points for years on eBay and our direct website. Here at we strive to provide the best service on the internet for all gaming subscription needs. Supplying 100% authentic codes. Learn more about us or view our terrific feedback on Facebook.

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You see error code 80169D3A.

In order to validate your prepaid card, you must first completely remove your bank details from Microsoft. See the FAQ below: “How do I stop my direct debit with Microsoft?” to be able to then validate your card.

How do I stop my direct debit with Microsoft?

Follow these steps:

a. Login to your hotmail account.

b. Once logged in, click on the Options menu (top right corner of the screen)

c. Choose “More Options”

d. On the next screen, under Manage Your Account, click on the “View and edit your personal information” link, and confirm your Hotmail password to go further.

e. When your Hotmail Account Information screen loads, scroll down to “Windows Live Hotmail Plus options” to access your billing information.

f. Click on the “Cancel my subscription” link:

g. Hotmail will redirect you to your Microsoft Billing Account Overview page: scroll down to “Your Services” – click on the “Windows Live Hotmail Plus” that is currently marked as enabled (if you have previously canceled Hotmail Plus, and re-enabled it later
on, as shown on the screenshot, it will still show as a service, but marked “Canceled”).

h. The next page will display the details of your current Windows Live Hotmail Plus subscription: to terminate it, and prevent a future automated billing cycle charged to your credit card, click on the “Cancel my service” link:

i. Then, follow the prompt until Microsoft confirms that your Hotmail Plus account has been closed

You can at any point renew (restart) your Hotmail Plus service: notice in the previous screenshot a “Renew this service” link – if you decide to resume Hotmail Plus, just follow the same steps outlined above, and manually reactive the subscription!

Are the codes that you sell official?

All our codes are authorized by our official Microsoft suppliers.

Are the subscriptions that you offer renewable?

Yes, not a problem. Whether you want to sign up to a new XBOX LIVE subscription, or simply renew your existing subscription; the code that you receive is added to the duration of your existing subscription.

Why haven’t I received my subscription code for Xbox live gold?

In very rare cases, the email can be sent to your junk mail folder. Make sure it is not in there. If the problem persists, make sure your email address is still valid. Otherwise, contact us and we will arrange a manual delivery. In your message, please include the email address used as well as the Transaction ID, which was displayed in the email you received from PayPal when your payment was accepted.

How do I validate my XBOX LIVE code once I have received it?

Redeem a prepaid code on a computer

You can redeem the different types of prepaid codes and have them applied to your account immediately. Here’s how:


On a computer, go to Redeem Code and sign in with your Microsoft account.
Enter the 25-character prepaid code and click Redeem Code.

In the Zune software

Start the Zune software and click Settings at the top of the page.
Click ACCOUNT in the upper-left corner.
Click redeem code under Microsoft Points, and then enter your code.

Redeem a prepaid code on your console

Sign in to Xbox LIVE with the account for which you want to use the prepaid code.
Press the Guide button on the controller.

Go to Games & Apps and select Redeem Code.

Enter the 25-character prepaid code and select Done.
When prompted, click Yes to confirm the redemption.

Here is what happens to your account when you redeem different types of prepaid codes:

Xbox 360 Entertainment For All Plan: You cannot “stack” or combine prepaid subscriptions during the life of the contract.
Xbox LIVE Gold Membership: An Xbox LIVE Gold Membership is added to your account, or an existing membership is extended.
Microsoft Points: Microsoft Points are added to your account.
Xbox LIVE content: The content is added to your account and begins downloading.

Remember, you can only validate the code without redeeming it on your Xbox console. If you enter it on, once you hit “enter”, the code will be added to your account and there’s no way back. After you redeem the code, will send an email to confirm the redemption.

How to look up your Xbox Live account’s region?

The account region of your Xbox LIVE profile is that of the email account you associated it with. Check your email account’s settings to determine which region it is. Or you can log into with your Xbox LIVE profile, open your profile, go into “Accounts” and click “Change Password” under the “Account information” Heading. It will redirect you to your email account’s settings page where you will be able to see your account’s region. Our codes are for Xbox 360 consoles which default region/country is set to be the United States. It may not work on a Xbox 360 in other regions.

How can I find out the email address I used when signing up for Xbox Live?

Look up the Gamertag on your console then go to Settings > Account > Account Management > Your Information > Windows Live ID. The Windows ID is the email address you used when signing up for Xbox Live

When I tried to redeem the WoW 60 day game card, I received an error message says: “An error has occurred. You cannot claim this game card key. You have no eligible World of Warcraft accounts for this game card key.”

You can’t add time to a starter account, you have to UPGRADE the account by buying the Battlechest before you can add time to it. For more information on how to upgrade, please click here

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Orders may be subject to manual review. It may take longer than 30 minutes to get your code if verification for your billing info is needed.